Each year one of the officers, coaches or parents or officers of the club are nominated for both the Alf Hearsum award and the Manager of the Year award by the Club Chairman. Both awards exist to recognise an individual who has gone ‘above and beyond’ for the club – Spirit of Youth JFC.

The Alf Hearsum award was introcuced in 2002/03, and has been presented to the following:

2002/03: Tim Arrowsmith

2003/04: John Armstrong / Mark Lewis (joint)

2004/05: David Smith / Martin Trinder / Carl Binks (triple)

2005/06: Shaun Wood

2006/07: The Under 9’s Squad

2007/08: Shaun Wood

2008/09: Helen Lambe

2009/10: Steve Vickers

2010/11: Peter Lambe

2011/12: Les Atkinson

2012/13: Dean Stevely

2013/14: Dan Pack

2014/15: Gavin Whelan

2015/16: Neil Owen

2016/17: Jonathan Barrett

2017/18: Dave Holmes

2018/19: Jonathan Barrett

The Manager of the Year award was introduced in 2006/07, and has been presented to the following:

2006/07: Russ Fifer

2007/08: Russ Fifer

2008/09: Steve Vickers

2009/10: Les Atkinson / Mark Leigh (double)

2010/11: Craig Wilson / Neil Bowkett / Jamie King / Les Atkinson (quad)

2011/12: Mark Leigh / Shaun Beasley

2012/13: Tony Doddemeade

2013/14: Kristian Perry

2014/15: Steve Bradshaw

2015/16: Mark Guest

2016/17: Neil Owen

2017/18: Dave Wallace

2018/19: Stewart McGarrity